1MSQFT Event Curated by Saint Heron

I have been loving doing events with Saint Heron, they just get me! If you haven’t already, check out their blog and the Saint Heron compilation that features some really incredible new artists. This event is definitely going to be special, there will be fashion, art, and music all in one event. Moses Sumney and Kelela are going to build textures together and create live music. Terence Nash and Hisham Bharoocha are creating the backdrop for video karaoke. (Check Jubilee’s family back in the day doing this at Universal Studios at the bottom of the post (PS can your family adopt me?)). Lastly Solange has designed an installation that ‘s guaranteed to be OPULENT! This is going to be a very special event. Me and Kitty Kash are handling the music for the night so come through!

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Opening Ceremony Fall ’14

I got the chance to see the Opening Ceremony show again this season and as usual they did not disappoint! Inspired by the latest country to featured in the store, all of the designs are based on Belgian folklore. There was a mythical legend where a giant chopped off the hands of anyone who refused to pay him the toll to cross the river, and then tossed their hands in said river. The name Antwerp means ‘hand thrown” so we saw fingerprint designs, hands and quilted textures to signify Belgian waffles. As we walked in we were greeted with servers handing out boxes of Callebaut chocolates specially created for Opening Ceremony. And then the show started and the back wall (with a textured fingerprint motif) literally oozed chocolate (I kept asking if there were snozzleberries). It was full on sensory overload! After party was DJed by Brenmar who I wholly respect for not succumbing to the huge reaction to trap hits and mostly played a seamless set of uptempo club jams Baltimore/Jersey/Juke uptempo goodness. Kelela performed as well but if you missed it She will be performing at the One Million Square Feet of Culture event on Wednesday 2/12 that I’m DJing!

My keyboard is now covered in Callebaut chocolate!

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Hood By Air Show Fall ’14

Through the many years working for Opening Ceremony I got the chance to meet so many amazing creative people. I swear it was more fun to work there than it was like work. One of those people is Shayne Oliver who would pass through the store and hang out  and is now the founder/creative director of Hood By Air, one of downtown NY’s fashion darlings. It’s cool to see Shayne continue to interject who he is into each collection no matter how many rappers wear his shit. I say that because typically rappers have a low tolerance for anything that’s not completely masculine and Shayne and Hood By Air aren’t your typical brand. Oliver is also a part of GHE20G0TH1K which now looking back on it, was the only scene really happening in NY in a long time and you could feel it. It was a place where club kids could feel safe in the new New York nightlife dominated by bottle service and sterile top 40 only soundtracks. And where the DJs were crossing boundaries and experimenting with styles, it even became a big topic of discussion among big NY DJs giving props to it breathing life into the scene after a long lull. This season he outdid himself putting a full on vogue ball on the runway in front of the biggest buyers and editors in the fashion industry. I’m so proud of this class of downtown’s creatives getting their shine and also creating a dialogue about race and gender just by being themselves. Watch the finale of the show below.


PS. I am obsessed with Boychild.

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Puma Girls of Blaze

I got a lovely gift in the mail from Solange/Puma. Since being recently named as a creative consultant for Puma, Solange has been rolling out the first ever Disc’s for girls. I was lucky enough to get to DJ the launch party a few months back and was gagging over the new shoes but they weren’t available yet. So, it goes without saying that I have them on my feet right now. Here’s a photo of all of the styles created by designers William Okpo, Gerlan (of Gerlan Jeans) and Hisham Baroocha.


Here’s me in mine!


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My Chart for Music Is My Sanctuary

I did a little chart for Music Is My Sanctuary. Check it out here but if you’ve been watching the site you already know about these folks.

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Intermission Mix

I did a quick 30 minute mix for Intermission. You can check it out on their site here:


01. Ilium Sphere – Sleeprunner
02. Falcons – Vroom
03. Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
04. Kaytranada – Seeu Enni Way
05. JaVonte – Supernova
06. India Shawn – I’m Alive
07. Faith Evans – Catching Feelings (Jeftuz Remix)
08. Brandy – Slower
09. Sinden – Ring Around The Moon feat. Mykki Blanco (High Klassified Remix)
10. Cassie – All My Love (Kingdom Edit)
11. Py – Polyethers
12. Etta Bond x Raf Riley – Fanbabe
13. Jhene Aiko – My Mine (Jeftuz remix)

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