Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton: This is Stones Throw Screening

It’s easy as time goes by to forget those bits of your life that were super influential when you’re in the business of always trying to find the next best thing. I let a lot of those memories of Stones Throw releases slip away over the years after Dilla died because like so many other folks who were fans of the label I let the big releases define for me what the label was. When that changed I assumed that it was time for the next label to have its moment, or  it was time for whatever new technology to pop up and flip the whole industry around again. Over time I forgot about the weird stuff they put out that made me really love the label. So sitting in the screening tonight I was an emotional mess going back through the past 15 years because it took me back, and a little about me, I am not into getting old.

When I decided to become a DJ I think what drew me in the most (besides just loving music) was that it was up to me to explore and find things that were different and interesting and share that with people. So I definitely felt a kinship with Stones Throw and looked out for every release (thanks to that Giant Step mailing list I was kept up to speed on most everything too!).  They were music nerds and to me they didn’t seem snobby, just dudes putting out shit that they liked and some of it just happened to be some of the most influential music of my generation despite not being huge pop smashes. Interviews in the movie with Kanye, ?uestlove, Common, Mike D and young’ns like Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt prove just how much. This is the music that despite having a well paying day job made me keep DJing at night. Music that when I hear it I talk about where I was and what people were doing. And a lot of these songs soundtracked the courtship and first years of marriage with my husband. I can’t believe that I let those memories slip, but it was a great reminder of not only some great times in my life and career but also that you don’t always have to be the coolest cutter at camp, you can just do what you love and there’s success in that too.

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